Eigentlich sind wir (auch) von hier
In Fact We´re From Here (Too)

A Film By Margit Eschenbach

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Visits to childhood places are travels all of us promise ourselves. An affinity with the grandparents, almost obligatory in the familiy saga, promises special magic. The children of refugees and the displaced know of two categories of such places: the ones they' ve experienced themselves, and the ones they know from family stories. Margit Eschenbach shares the destiny of a generation born in the middle of the last century. For Eigentlich sind wir (auch) von hier she travels to East Prussia with her DV camera and its one-legged monopod: to the polish Braniewo, previously Braunsberg, and to the Russian enclave of Kaliningrad, formerly Königsberg. She travels alone, but is informed by the sketchy family archive: photos and narrated memories. She visits her family' s homes with a critical awareness of historical contexts, and cautiously makes acquaintances, conducts conversations, observes.
Eschenbach' s "caméra stylo" view is neither touristic nor coy. It remains open, at eye level, and is neither arrogant nor obsequious. Via the changes in landscapes, places and seasons, together withthe photos of the famikly, a rich narrative arch is formed, with many chapters and layers: grandparents, her parent' youth, war, escape and expulsion, as well as her own perception of history.
A prudently formulated and carefully interwoven commentary concisely and precisely provides the necessary information, and also facilitates searching and looking, contemplating and understanding. Unanswered questions are also raised, and their answers are more suggested than forced, thereby including the audience in the progress of contemplation.
(pp - Translation: dhe)

Script Director Camera Sound: Margit Eschenbach
Speaker: Birgit Doelling
Music: Inge Morgenroth
Editing: Bernhard Schönherr

Margit Eschenbach

Mixing: Gregg Skerman
Online Editing: Nico Gutmann
Lighting: Marcell Erdélyi
Production: Margit Eschenbach

Besonderen Dank an:
Wolfgang Radtke, Leon Rynkiewicz, Ewa Lesiak, Edwin Switala
Dr .E. Schlewinski
Elektronisches Studio der Technischen Universität Berlin
Hochschule für Gestaltung und Kunst Zürich

Color   BetaSP   64 Min.   2004

Visions du Réel  (Internat. Dokumentarfilmfestival)

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