Production + Script + Director + Camera:  WEDER HIER NOCH DORT / Neither Here Nor There,
documentary ( D / CH  51 min. 2007 )

Production + Script + Director + Camera:  EIGENTLICH SIND WIR (AUCH) VON HIER / In Fact We´re From Here (Too), documentary (Switzerland, 64 min. Beta SP, 2004)

Director + Camera:  DIE WAHRHEIT ÜBER VERA ESCHKOWA / The Truth About Vera Eschkowa, documentary, with U. Madeisky (Germany, 60 min. COLORAMA Film Production Frankfurt/M. 1970/1980/2002)

Script + Director:  KZ BUCHENWALD - POST WEIMAR / Buchenwald Concentration Camp - Post Weimar, documentary, (Germany, 30 min. CHRONOS Film Production, commissioned by the Buchenwald Memorial Foundation, 1999)
Since 1999 the film has been screened several times per day in the cinema of the Buchenwald Memorial.
Related publications in clude: Mira Lene Fischer, Buchenwald: Topography of Remembrance, MA dissertation, Ruhr University Bochum, New Look at the Old, pages 113-120, 1999; Contemporary History Institute, Hanover University, 2001, seminar papers on the presentation of the concentration camp memorials in the media.

Production + Co-director + Camera:  EINE REISE / A Journey, fictional document, with G.Grossmann (Germany/Austria, 12 min. sophia-film Berlin-Salzburg, 1992) Distribution: six-pack, Vienna
Award: Short Film Prize, Film Art Festival Schwerin, 1994

Production + Co-director + Camera:  DIE FAHRENDEN JAHRE / The Driving Years, documentary, with G.Grossmann (Germany/Austria, 50 min. sophia-film Berlin-Salzburg, 1991)
Acquired by: German Literature Archive Marbach

Script + Director:  VIOLETTA CLEAN  documentary, (Germany, 30 min. production for HR public broadcaster, 1988)
Numerous international sales to drug therapy organisations and further training institutes
Award: Youth Film Prize of the German Federal Ministry for Family, Youth, Women and Health, 1989
Related publication: Annette Brauerhoch, From Author to User: Roles of Plots in Television, in: History of Television in the Federal Republic of Germany, Volume 5, pages 63-91, published by Werner Faulstich, 1994
Accepted into the German Short Film List.

Script + Director:  MIT DEN WAFFELN EINER FRAU / With the Waffle Weapon of a Woman, documentary (Germany, 45 min. production for HR public broadcaster, 1987)

Script + Regie:  ZEIT DER VERDRÄNGUNG - ZEIT DES WIEDERAUFBAUS / Era of Suppression - Era of Reconstruction, documentary (Germany, 44 min. production for NDR public broadcaster, 1986)
Numerous broadcasts on various ARD public broadcaster channels

Buch + Regie:  DIE EIGENSINNIGEN DAMEN / The Stubborn Ladies, documentary (Germany, 44 min. productions for NDR public broadcaster, 1986)
Numerous broadcasts on various ARD public broadcaster channels
SF DRS broadcast 1990

Co-Director + Camera:  WEIBLICHE ZONE / Female Zone, documentary, with G. Grossmann (Germany, 44 min. production for the Film and Television Academy (DFFB) Berlin, 1985)
Swiss distributor: MegaHerz Zurich
Award: Prize of the German Film Journalists Association, 1987
Related publications: Yvonne Spielmann, The Egg Thief, in: Blue Wonder, New Films and Videos by Women 1984-1994, pages 201-109, published by: Hohenberger/Jurschik, 1994; Eschenbach/Grossmann in: Women and Film 43, pages 43-47, 1987
Accepted in the German Short Film List

Production + Co-Director + Camera:  SCHÖNE STUNDEN / Pleasant Hours, short film, with G.Grossmann (Germany, 9 min. sophia-film Berlin-Salzburg, 1985)

Script + Director + Camera:  GRÜNES DREIECK / Green Triangle, experimental video, (14 min. 1983)

Idea + Director + Camera:  AUSDRUCK-TANZ / Expression-Dance, experimental video, (24 min. 1976)

Participation in Film and Media Festivals (a selection):
Belo Horizonte, Bilbao, Graz, Karlovy Vary, London, Lübeck, Lucerne, Madrid, Minsk, Montecatini, Montreal, New York, Nyon, Oberhausen, Osnabrück, Rotterdam, Salzburg, San Francisco, Saint Petersburg, Solothurn, Stuttgart, Tampere, Utrecht, Vienna


Born 1948 in Lübeck, Germany
History, social sciences and education studies in Frankfurt/Main, State Exam (First Degree) 1971, Diploma in Educational Science 1975

2003 Film Prize of the City of Zurich for establishing the Film/Video Studies Faculty at the University of Design and Art Zurich

2000 Heading of the research project (KTI): Innovative approaches to presenting media-based artwork with VIPER (International Festival for Film, Video and New Media) Basil as example

Since 1992 Establishment and heading of the Film Studies Faculty at the University of Design and Art Zurich, position: Professor

1982-91 Lecturer at the Film and Television Academy (DFFB) Berlin
Guest professor at the College of Fine Arts Hamburg
Lecurer at the University of Arts Berlin
Lecturer at Zurich University

1975-78 Establishment an co-principal of the Hermann-Hesse-Schule comprehensive school for former drug addicts in Franfurt/Main

Since 1985 making own films as screenwriter, director, producer
Productions: Short fiction films, Docu-fakes, documentaries, commissioned films for various TV broadcasters and in-house productions
Screenings at international festivals, various prizes awarded
1978-88 Freelance sound engineer on feature and documentary films as well as TV series

1997-2004 Board member of VIPER, International Film, Video and New Media Festival Lucerne (now Basil)
Since 1994 Member of the council of the Hyper-Forum Foundation, Basil, to promote research in the digital technology field
1998-99 Board Member of Shedhalle, Zurich
1990 Committee member of the Hamburg Film Funding Body

2009 Prize Jury Helvétique, VISIONS DU RÉEL, NYON
2008 Prize Jury Max-Ophüls-Filmfestival, Saabrücken
2004 NDR Prize Jury Nordische Filmtage, Lübeck
2004 Prize Jury Golden Chest, Plovdiv Bulgaria
2002 Short Film Prize Jury, Panorama Section and UIP Prize, Berlin Int. Film Festival
2000 Diagonale Prize Jury, Festival of Austrian Films, Graz
1997-98 Femina Award Prize Jury, Max Ophüls Film Festival, Saarbrücken
1987-90 Selectors Jury, International Short Film Festval Oberhausen, and selectors jury, Video Forum Freiburg/Breisgau
Since 1986 Regular member of the student admissions commision at the Film and Television Academy (DFFB) Berlin


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